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Bucket Diverter Valve


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Bucket Diverter Valve


The Bucket Diverter Valves are designed for mounting on a gravity discharge line to divert from a single inlet to one of two outlets.



The Young Industries, Inc. Bucket Diverter Valves are used in a wide variety of gravity flow bulk material applications were cross contamination is not a problem. The Bucket Diverter Valves are designed with one diversion leg offset either 30° or 45° from the inlet leg.



Flange Mounted Bearing provide a smooth operation.


"O" ring seals on each end of the bucket shaft prevent dust leakage to exterior. The flange mounted bearing provide smooth and rugged operation.


The Bucket Diverter Valve is offered either as 30°diversion leg offset or 45 °diversion leg offset. The change of direction is accomplished by changing the position of the bucket diverter plate from one line to the other by a rotary actuator.


The Bucket Diverter Valve has heavy construction along and the valve's actuator is direct coupled to the bucket shaft . This arrangement distributes torque directly to the bucket shaft, eliminating stress to the valve components.This keeps production loss, downtime and maintenance cost to a minimum.


As a result, the Young Industries, Bucket Diverter Valves have been proven to provide superior performance and reliability in a wide range of bulk materials handling applications, and offer a low cost of owner ship.











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