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Model "BT" Rotary Valve


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Model "BT" (Blo-Thru) Rotary Feeder Valve


The Model "BT" rotary valve is used to feed cohesive bulk materials into a conveyline.


The Young Industries, Inc. Model "BT" (Blo-Thru) Rotary Valve is a drop-thru valve with a conveyline built into the bottom of the end plates. This Rotary Valve is used to meter sticky or cohesive powder bulk materials in an pneumatic conveyor. The conveying air blow through the valve's rotor pockets to assist the material's discharge.


In addition, the Model "BT" rotary valve is used when headroom is a problem. The Model "BT" valve requires less space as compared to standard drop-thru rotary valves with a material inlet manifold.















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