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Model "LH" Rotary Valve


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Model "LH" Rotary Feeder Valve


The Model "LH" valve is a lower profile design for use for application requiring less headroom


The Young Industries, Inc. Model "LH" (Low Headroom) Rotary Valve is a Drop-Thru-Airlock Feeder Valve with a lower profile for application requiring less headroom. The Model "LH" valve is recommend when the valve is sized based matching a flange size and throughput capacity is not a concern. In addition to the low profile, the Model "LH" Rotary Valve low air or gas leakage.


As a result, the Young Industries, Model "LH" rotary valves have been proven to provide superior performance and reliability in a wide range of bulk materials handling applications, and offer a low cost of ownership.


The Model "LH" Rotary Valve design uses a small diameter rotor and angled inlet and outlet nozzles. This ensures two-blade sealing is maintain at all time providing minimum air or gas leakage. Typical application would be for a customer who has a specific flange size to match or low headroom requirements.













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