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Model "QC" Rotary Valve


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Model "QC" (Quick Clean) Rotary Feeder Valve


The Model "QC" Quick Clean rotary valves are engineered to minimize downtime in process applications requiring fast access to the valve's interior.


The Young Industries, Inc. Model "QC" (Quick Clean) Rotary Valve is used to reduce downtime for valve clean up. The valve allows removal of the rotor without removing the packing gland. No tools are required for disassembly or assembly. This valve is typically used where access to the valve's interior is required, but total clean up of all components is not a factor.


The Quick clean design modifications are available as a Drop-Thru-Airlock Feeder Valve with a "HC" (High Capacity) model or as Drop-Thru-Airlock Feeder Valve with a "LH" (Low Headroom) model or as a "SE" (Side Entry) Model.


All "QC" Quick Clean valves use shrouded rotor designs. The "QC" valve can be furnished in the end seal design for those applications requiring reduced air or gas leakage across the valve.


The "QC" rotary valve has two(2) outboard tapered roller bearings on one side of the rotor with a hinged bolt-in-place assess door on the other side. The model "QC" rotary valve uses standard rings of braided packing, held in place by an aluminum packing follower.


As a result, the Young Industries, Model "QC" rotary valves have been proven to provide superior performance and reliability in a wide range of bulk materials handling applications, and offer a low cost of owner ship.













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