Bulk Materials Handling Systems

Young Industries, Inc. a Manufacturer of Bulk Materials Handling Equipment and Systems with the Lowest Life Time Cost

Bulk Materials Handing Equipment and Systems design experts – Young Industries, Inc

Experts in the design of powder handling and solids handling equipment, Young Industries products are designed to handle a wide range of dry solids including:
1.    Powders
2.    Resins
3.    Pellets
4.    Flakes
5.    Pigments
6.    Regrind

These materials can be bulk handled in pneumatic conveyors and mechanical conveyors at rates ranging from 500 to 200,000 lbs. per hour.


The bulk materials handling equipment we provide are designed and manufactured to solve customer’s problems.

Since 1947, Young Industries, Inc has designed, manufactured and installed pneumatic conveyor systems and material handling equipment for the world’s major corporations.

The pneumatic conveyor offered including:
Dilute-phase conveyors including:
•    Positive pressure pneumatic conveyors
•    Negative pressure pneumatic conveyors
•    Combination negative/positive pressure pneumatic conveyors
•    Railcar unloading pneumatic conveyors
•    TIO2 and pigment pneumatic conveyor system

Dense-phase pneumatic conveyor systems like.
•    Multi-Phase true dense phase pneumatic conveyors
•    Multi-Phase continuous true dense phase pneumatic conveyors
•    Low Velocity Dense-phase pneumatic systems including:
•    Multi-Phase Low-velocity dense phase pneumatic conveyors
•    Multi-Phase Low-velocity continuous true dense phase pneumatic conveyors

STINGER Conveyors including:
•    TiO2 and Pigment Conveyors
•    Abrasive Products Conveyors

Mechanical conveyors and feeder screw systems including:
•    TransVair Mechanical Conveyor
•    STINGER® Screw conveyor