Bulk Bag Loading and Unloading Systems

Bulk Bag Loading and Unloading Systems

Young industries bulk bag loading and unloading systems are engineered and built based on the handling material characteristics of the products being handled, your plant process requirements, the conveyor transfer requirements.

The engineering of the bulk bag unloading systems starts with the evaluation of the physical characteristics of the bulk materials being handled in the unloading frame. The next step is to determine the material transfer distances and conveyor arrangement along with the limitations. And finally our engineers will evaluate the plant process requirements include prefered brand of valves, electrical etc.. These steps are necessary in order to get an efficient and dependable bulk materials bulk bag unloading systems.
Young industries bulk bag unloading systems provide equipment with the lowest lifetime cost.

Bulk Bag Unloading and Loading Application Information

The Young Industries bulk bag loading and unloading systemscan be designed to handle a wide range of powders and bulk solids materials. We have designed units for handling powders, resins, pellets, flakes, pigments, and re-grinds. The frames that we provide are designed to be operated by a single operator and run 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

We design and built all the bulk material handling conveyors. These conveyors include Dilute Phase Systems, Dense Phase Systems, Low Velocity Dense Phase Systems, Eductor Conveyors Product Pumps, and Aeromechancal Conveyors. To see a comparison of these systems, download Young Industries Bulletin Number. 211-301, 211-304 and 211-305. All these systems are a safe and clean way to handle products in bulk bags.

The Young industries bulk bag unloading and loading systems use the Multi-Flow™ Bulk Bag Frame for unloading and Multi-Fill™ Bulk Bag Loading Frame for loading bulk materials.
More information about the Multi-Flow™ Bulk Bag Unloading Frame is at www.younginds.com/   . More information about Multi-Fill™ Bulk Bag Loading Frame go to www.younginds.com/