Dust Control Systems

Young Industries Dust Control Systems

Engineered dust control systems

Along with the bulk material handling equipment and systems, we, sometimes, engineer dust control equipment and systems for our customer’s in the processing industries. We supply both standalone dust control equipment like bag dump station and custom design central dust control systems.

These central dust control systems are designed to control dust over a variety of system arrangements. The systems are designed to pick up dust from silos, bins, hoppers, mixers, bag dump stations, bulk bag unloading frames, or other pieces of process equipment. The dust is conveyed to a central filter for separating the material from the air with the material discharging into a container.

Because of our engineers’ knowledge of handling bulk powders and solids, we were able to design and manufacture efficient and reliable dust control systems.

Some the dust control systems we have provided include:

  • Paper sack unloading stations dust control
  • Storage silo dust control
  • Multiple storage silo dust control
  • Holding hopper dust control
  • Multiple holding hopper dust control
  • Batch weighing systems dust control
  • Pigment handling dust control
  • Pneumatic conveying system dust control
  • Bulk bag unloading system dust control

To learn more about how young industries can provide you with a dust collection system designed to meet your needs, please contact us at 800 546 3165 or by email at mktinfo@younginds.com