TiO2 Conveying Systems

Now you can get trouble free conveying of TIO2 and other difficult to handle materials

Stingerdrawing TiO2 Conveying Systems

STINGER® Conveyor TIO2 and other hard to handle pigments handling

The Young Industries, Inc., patented STINGER® Conveyor is the best solution for transferring difficult-to-handle materials. It provides reliable conveying and metering of fine particle size materials. The STINGER® works best on products that are cohesive and consist of particle size 100 mesh and below. such as pigments, talc, and other hard-to-handle products.

 No moving parts in the conveying zone

The STINGER® conveyor consists of a solid metal outer tube with the inlet transition, interior tube and discharge section lined with TransFlow® aeration media. The conveyor has no moving parts in the conveying zone and operates using your plant compressed air.

Trans-Flow® aeration media is porous 316 stainless steel with an ultra smooth finished contact surface manufactured for precise control of permeability and strength. These media produces an evenly distributed layer of air inside the tube that floats the bulk material above the media. This bed of air makes it easy for the material to slide.

The STINGER® conveyor’s thru-put capacity is controlled by adjusting the input air or gas volume and pressure. For most applications, the unit can operate with a pressure of 3 to 5 PSIG. The maximum recommended pressure is 15 psig. The final operating pressure and air or gas consumption is dependent on the characteristics of the bulk materials being handled.

Low headroom requirement

The STINGER® Conveyor has replaced screw conveyors and screw feeders. Because of its design, it fits in existing areas having a restricted headroom. The unit is easy to setup and operate.

Materials can be conveyed vertically as well as horizontally and even around corners
The STINGER® Conveyors can convey distances in excess of 100 feet horizontally, 30 vertically and through several elbows. Standard conveyor sizes are 1.5″ , 2″, 3″ 4″ 5″ and 6″ diameter with thru-put capacities ranging from 32 to 60,000 lbs per hour. STINGER® Conveyors are used for application where conveying has been impossible by other methods and performs where other methods have failed. STINGER® Conveyors have been used in the chemical, paint and coating, plastic, food, bakery and pharmaceutical industries.

Free application engineering assistance

Young Industries engineers can work with you to design a conveyor to solve your bulk materials handling problem. As simple as the STINGER® is any additional knowledge, experience and planning we can provide will make your conveyor more reliable and efficient. For free application assistance, contact us by telephone at 570-546-3165 or by email mktinfo@younginds.com