TransVair Mechanical Conveying System

Young Industries TransVair Mechanical  Conveying Systems

Young Industries TMC systems are custom-designed and manufactured to suit your unique operational needs

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Young Industries TMC systems is a high capacity, low horsepower bulk materials handling system.

The TransVair Mechanical Conveyor can be supplied as a separate unit or combined with other components as a complete system to meet specialized requirements. Designed as an integral part of the system, the TMC offers a high capacity, low horsepower bulk materials handling system.

The TMC can handle a wide range of bulk materials. It can handle materials with particle ranges from fine powder to 1/2′” diameter.

TMC can be configured several ways. The TMC can convey in a straight line; right-angle or “Z” shaped arrangement. The recommend maximum conveying distance is 60 feet with conveying capacities up to 960 cubic feet per hour.

Free application engineering assistance

Young Industries engineers can work with you to design equipment or conveyors to solve your bulk materials handling problem. As simple as the process is, any additional knowledge, experience and planning we can provide will make your equipment more reliable and efficient. For free application assistance, contact us by telephone at 570-546-3165 or by email