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The bulk material handling solutions blog provides information about problems we solved and information we have about powder and bulk solids handling.

Bulk Bag Unloading with Direct-From-Bag Unloading Equipment.

It all started when pigment manufacturers could offer titanium dioxide at a lower price per pound when they supplied the material in bulk bags. The major buyers of their TIO2 product are paint manufacturers. These paint manufacturers would mix the

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Titanium Dioxide Powder Processing Secret

You are about to discover the one secret feature the makes it super easy to handle titanium dioxide and other poor flowing pigment powders. The problems in the handling of titanium dioxide are well known, either by its bad reputation

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A Rotary Valve Model Fixes an Inorganic Chemical Producer’s Feeding Problem

A global producer of inorganic chemicals had two problems. The first challenge was the rotary valves he was using did not consistently feed his powder bulk solid material into his process. The second challenge was to increase their production uptime

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