Safety-Flow™ Grating

Young Industries Safety-Flow™ Grate

Developed to solve a common safety problem in bulk material handling systems.

RVwithSafety Grate 142x150 Safety Flow™ Grating The problem is to provide access to powder product areas while protecting the operators from rotating equipment and not have fine or cohesive powder bridge.
The solution is the installation of the Safety-Flow™ grating that provides physical protection of personnel from rotating shafts or pinch points in the product zone.

Using a typical bar grate, most bulk materials would simply build up quickly on the grate and stop the product flow. With the Safety-Flow™ Grating, the powder will not build up on the grate surface and material flow will actually be enhanced.

So how does the Safety-Flow™ grating actually work?
The grating is made using Young Industries patented Transflow® technology. Transflow® is a 316 stainless steel fluidization media. This technology meters low volume low and pressure compressed air to condition the powder, so it flows freely. This works well on fine and cohesive powders.

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Advantages of the Safety-Flow™ Grate
Limitations of the Safety-Flow™ Grate
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Safety-Flow™ Grate applications:

1. The dischargeSafetyFlowGrateAssembly Safety Flow™ Grating of a rotary valve under a dust collector with product discharging from the valve into a drum for disposal. The potential safety issue happens when the drum is removed an operator can easily get their hand into the rotor. By adding the Safety-Flow™ Grating to the discharge of the valve, it makes it physically impossible for an operator to reach into the valve rotor.

2. The inlet of a screw conveyor where the inlet is open. The potential safety issue occurs if the operator needs to reach into the helix area when the helix is rotating. A Safety-Flow™ Grating placed at the inlet of the screw provides hard protection for the operator making it physically impossible to reach into the helix.

3. A Bulk Bag Unloading Station requires a door for access to untie the bag spout. A powder handling system using an inclined conveyor, aero-mechanical conveyor or rotary valve is within arms distance. Potential safety issue takes place when operator reaches into the pinching area. A Safety-Flow™ Grating placed under the access door and will not allow and operator to get into the equipment. The grating actually increases product flow due to the unique fluidization and conditioning of the powdered product

Advantages of the Safety-Flow™ Grate:

The Safety-Flow™ Grating is a bolted in place safety feature. It does not have or require any type of safety interlocks or switches which can potentially be “over-ridden” by operating personnel. The Safety-Flow™ bar spacing is designed based on the distance from the grating to the hazard that is being guarded.

Grating Sizes:
The Safety-Flow™ Grating can be manufactured for insertion into round, square or rectangular configurations. The length and width of the grating are made to suit, so there are no size limitations.

Grate Bar Spacing:
The Safety-Flow™ Grating bar spacing is designed to protect the operator from reaching the hazard with the spacing based on the distance from the grate to the hazard. Grating placed close to the hazard will need close spacing to guard against a hand getting through the grating. Grating spaced farther away from the hazard may need to guard for an elbow or shoulder from not going through the grating which results in the bars spaced a greater distance apart.

Limitations of the Safety-Flow™ Grate:

The Safety-Flow™ Grates will not break down large agglomerates. If there are agglomerates in the powder larger than the spacing between bars, there is a potential for bridging above the grating. However, the agglomerates could be manually removed through an access door.

Safety-Flow™ Grate Dimensional Information:

Click here to download a PDF copy of the square Safety-Flow™ Grate with dimensions.

Safety-Flow™ Grate Product Information:

Click here to download a PDF copy of Safety-Flow™ Grate Bulletin 265-204-1