Bulk Bag Loading and Unloading

Young Industries Bulk Bag Handling  For emptying and filling Bulk Bags up to and over 2 tons capacity.

Multi-Flow™ Bulk Bag Unloading Frame

For emptying , the frame includes support frame assembly with the following options.
•    Manual or motorized lift and traverse
•    Support cone with electric rotary vibrators to aid material discharge
•    Provisions for liner tensioning when bags include loose liners
•    Variable frame height to accommodate all size bags and discharge systems
•    Mechanical feeders for controlled or weighed discharge and pneumatic transfer systems for material transfer for remote use points available

Multi-Fill™ Frame Bulk Bag Filling Frame

For weighed filling of bulk bag with capacity up to and over 2 ton capacity includes free-standing support frame with the following options;
•    Mechanical or load cell weighing systems
•    Adjustable frame to suit range of bag sizes
•    Vent connection vented to vent sock or dust suppression system and/or a hand operated butterfly valve for IBC inflation

Free application engineering assistance

Young Industries engineers can work with you to design equipment or conveyors to solve your bulk materials handling problem. As simple as the process is, any additional knowledge, experience and planning we can provide will make your equipment more reliable and efficient. For free application assistance, contact us by telephone at 570-546-3165 or by email mktinfo@younginds.com