Direct-From-Bulk Bag (DFB) Unloader

DFBwithbag1 Direct From Bulk Bag (DFB) UnloaderYoung Industries DFB unloader with STINGER®

The Direct-From-Bag Unloader, or DFB for short, is a good first step for companies that do not have any bulk bag handling system in place or need to use their handling system on several disperser tanks. The material moves freely without clogging, there is no waste of product and the material flows at a rate that matches the capability of the disperser.

Here’s how the DFB works: The bulk bag is attached to the lifting bracket and then it is place on the DFB lifting mast. The bag discharge is attached to the TransFlow® conditioning hopper. The material moved from the hopper to the Stinger® that conveys the material to a disperser.

The Stinger distributes the right amount of material straight from the bag into the hopper, while the Trans-Flow media, a Young Industries patented design, keeps the material from clogging.

There are several major advantages to the DFB design:

  • It’s totally portable . For a company that needs to unload its dry materials into several dispersers, this is the way to go.
  • Not as much room is needed to empty the bag . Because the unloader is attached to a forklift rather than on a hoist, less headroom and overall factory floor area is required.
  • Material can convey vertically, not just horizontally . This is a big advantage for companies where the disperser tanks are above the floor. The Stinger® can convey the material upward to the top of the disperser tanks without compromising flow rate.
  • The flow can be stopped at any time . Need to make accurate batch weighment? Not a problem. The material conveying stops just as fast as it starts: Instantly. And by using the integral scale, you get accurate batches.

DFB Unloader Dimensional Information

Click here to download a PDF copy of Direct-From-Bulk Bag (DFB) Unloader Bulletin 267-200

Click here to download a PDF copy of a Direct-From-Bulk Bag (DFB) Unloader with STINGER Feeder assembly drawing with standard dimension.

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