Multi-Fill Bulk Bag Filling Frame

Multi-Fill™ Bulk Bag Loading Frame

Young industries Multi-Fill™ bulk bag loading frame is customized to meet your, process requirements, frame location requirements and bulk material handling material characteristics,
The engineering of the Multi-Fill™ bulk bag loading frame starts with the evaluation of the physical characteristics of the bulk materials being handled in the loading frame. The next step is to determine the restrictions at the location where the frame will be installed. And finally our engineers also evaluate the plant process requirements. These steps are necessary in order to get an efficient and dependable loading of your bulk bags.

Young industries bulk bag loading frames provide equipment with the lowest lifetime cost.

Multi-Fill™ Bulk Bag Loading Frame

Application Information
Standard Features
Optional Features

Multi-Fill™ Bulk Bag Loading Frame Application Information

The Multi-Fill™  bulk bag loading frame can be designed to handle a wide range of powders and bulk solids materials. We have designed units for handling powders, resins, pellets, flakes, pigments, and re-grinds. The frames that we provide are designed to be operated by a single operator and run 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.
The Young industries bulk bag loading frame is completely self-contained, for one man operation.
The frame itself can be constructed in the height required for specific bag application.

Multi-Fill™ Bulk Bag Loading Frame Standard Features

The Young Industries Multi-Fill™ Bulk Bag loading Frame standard features increase the frame’s life cycle and lowers the cost of ownership.

The standard features are:
Frame includes an adjustable tubular support frame with spring type bag support hooks
Bulk bag filling nozzle with inflatable booth for bulk bag connection
Vent connection
Automatic valving for vent and bag inflation
4000 or more pound capacity
Frame design to handle the specific bulk bags being used in your process
Frames partially assembled for quick installation and economic shipping
Frame constructed of 4 in. C/S  square tubing
Full-size bottom support pads
Frame size furnished in 60 in. square or 72 in.square sizes with depending on the size of the bulk bags handled
Structural components painted with Steelcote stainless steel paint
Welding per AWS D1.1
Clean up per YI Engineering Specification 185.20

Multi-Fill™ Bulk Bag Loading Frame Optional Features

Bulk bag loading system can be furnished  with the dedicated self-contained dust control station to control the dust during the bulk bag filling opertion.
A weighing system can be provided for automatic operation.
A pneumatic conveyor or mechanical conveyor can be provided with a number of options, including mechanical feeders, way controls, mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems.
Provisions for liner tensioning when bags include loose liners
Mechanical and pneumatic systems for material transfer to the Multi-Fill frame
Variable frame heights to accommodate all sizes of bulk bags and discharge systems