Bag Dump Stations


Available in three (3) standard sizes with openings of 45″, 32″ and 24″ for handling various sizes and quantities of bag material.
Materials of construction include stainless steel and carbon steel construction with special coatings as required. Units are available with a variety of outlet configurations including:
•    Pyramid Hoppers
•    Flanged Units (for mounting on mixers or bins)
•    Air Feeder Pick-Up Hoppers (for vacuum systems)
•    Screw Conveyor Discharges
•    Lump Breakers (for disposing of agglomerated material)
•    Dual Hoppers (second hopper under filter section to eliminate cross contamination of collected dust)



With vent connections for tying into remote dust collection equipment.
Stations available in three (3) standard sizes with openings of 45″, 32″ and 24″. Materials of construction include stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel with special coatings.
Units are available with the same variety of outlet options as listed for the self-contained units above.
Special units and modifications are available for handling larger bags, and  bulk bags Bag Dump can be made to meet U.S.D.A. requirements.



For disposing of empty bags. Available for all stations except the 24″ size units.


Free application engineering assistance

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