Blow-Thru Rotary Airlock Valve

Model “BT” Blow-Thru Rotary Airlock Valve

Model BT Rotary Valve 1 Blow Thru Rotary Airlock Valve

Model BT Rotary Valve

The Model “BT” Blow-Thru Rotary Airlock Valve is used to feed cohesive bulk materials into a convey line.

The Young Industries, Inc. Model “BT” Blow-Thru Rotary Airlock Valve is a drop-thru valve with a convey line built into the bottom of the end plates. This Rotary Valve is used to meter sticky or cohesive powder bulk materials in a pneumatic conveyor. The conveying air blow through the valve’s rotor pockets to assist the material’s discharge.

In addition, the Model “BT” rotary valve is used when headroom is a problem. The Model “BT” valve requires less space as compared to standard drop-thru rotary valves with a material inlet manifold.

Model “BT” Rotary Valve

Application Information
Standard Features
Optional Features
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Model “BT” Rotary Feeder Valve Application Information

The Model “BT” (Blo-Thru) rotary valve is used for introducing cohesive bulk materials into a pneumatic conveyline.

The Model “BT” Rotary Valve has been designed for applications where the bulk material requires assistance to remove it from the rotor vane pockets. In addition, the Model “BT” Rotary Valve is used when headroom space is limited. The Model “BT valve has a low profile as compare to the height of a standard drop-thru rotary valve and pneumatic conveyor’s inlet manifold.
Model “BT” Rotary Valves are furnished for conveyline sizes from 1″ to 6″ pipe or tubing sizes. Rotors are always furnished with partially filled pockets. The Rotors have eight or twelve vane depending on the valve size and to provide two (2) sealing on each side for the valve. The two (2) seal minimizes air or gas loss between two different pressure zones while allowing dry solids material to pass from one pressure zone to the other.

The Model “BT” rotary valve is designed as airlocks and airlock feeder for handling 15 PSIG housing and differential pressure or vacuum.

The Model “BT” Rotary Valve with its large throughput capacity can handle a variety of bulk materials.
The Model “BT” Rotary Valves are available with different rotor designs and a wide variety of features to handle a wide range of process requirements. The MODEL “BT” rotary valve can be furnished in double length configuration for pneumatic conveying system requiring greater capacity without increasing the overall height requirement.

Model “BT” Rotary Feeder Valve Standard Features

The Young Industries Model “BT” Rotary Valve standard features increase the valve’s life cycle and lowers the cost of ownership.

The standard features are:

  • 15 PSIG Housing and differential pressure or vacuum
  • Minimum four blade sealing with two (2) blade sealing on each side.
  • Fabricated or cast designs
  • Materials of construction: Cast or fabricated carbon steel, cast or fabricated stainless steel and cast or fabricated Aluminum
  • Raw materials are traceable to standard specifications with ASTM the most used specification
  • Round or square inlet flange
  • Round or square discharge flange
  • Up to 250°F operation temperature, with designs offered to withstand up to 1600°F temperature
  • Outboard-mounted precision ball bearings
  • Packing gland rotor shaft seal consisting square braided Kevlar impregnated with PTFE packing, 4 rings per side and held in place by an aluminum packing follower.
  • Eight (8) bladed rotor with twelve (12) bladed rotor for rotary valves over 12″ size to provide low operating air or gas leakage.
  • Rotor assembled near-perfect concentrically to the housing
  • Heavy rotor shafts secured to eliminate shifting in the housing
  • Two (2) basic styles of rotors available with each style having two (24) different types of rotors. The types are partially filled and “D” – adjustable tips
  • Grounding and bonding connection to NFPA specifications
  • Right-angle Gearmotor, side mounted, 3 phase, 60 Hertz, 230-460 volts, TEFC and roller chain drive and safety to OSHA requirements.
  • Painted blue enamel or Steelcote stainless steel paint
  • Completely assembled and tested.

#Optional Features

Model “BT” Rotary Feeder Valve Optional Features

The Young Industries Model “BT” Rotary Valve Optional features and accessories for meeting your exact plant requirements and enhance your process performance.

Optional features and accessories are:

  • High pressure design to 350 PSIG
  • High temperature design to 1600°F
  • Double length styles
  • Drive and accessories are usually supplied consisting of a right angle gear motor, sprockets, drive chain and safety guard. TEFC or Explosion proof motors, direct connected and other special drive available
  • Special materials of construction including: 316 Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, engineered plastics
  • Interior coating to provide abrasive resistance to material release including: chrome plating, nickel plating, tungsten carbide, Stellite, Teflon
  • Interior polishes and cleanup
  • Special packing materials as graphite, food grade TPFE,
  • Air purge packing glands
  • Lip seal packing
  • Self adjusting packing follower
  • Mechanical rotor shaft seals
  • Shaft seal area polishes
  • Inlet material deflector
  • Venting Thimble
  • Housing vent
  • End plate purges
  • Rotor tips and edges beveled
  • Rigid or flexible tips of brass or polyurethane
  • Painted or coated per customers specification

Model “BT” Rotary Feeder Valve Dimensional Information

Open PDF Drawing of the Model “BT” Rotary Valve with a tubing size conveyline.

Open PDF Drawing of the Model “BT” Rotary Valve with a pipe size conveyline