Stationary Sea-Land Container Loaders

Young Industries SwallowTail™ stationary loaders for filling Sea/Land Containers

SeaLandPix 150x150 Stationary Sea Land Container LoadersFast filling of sea/land containers with maximum payload is possible with Young Industries SwallowTail™ container loading system. This high capacity Sea/Land container loading systems uses TransFlow® technology and is designed for loading pigment and other difficult to handle materials.

The  SwallowTail™ container loaders stationary  design is used to fill 20, 30 and 40 feet long lined sea/land containers at filling rates of 40,000 pounds per hour or more.

Fills Container to 97 – 99% of its Total Capacity

The major advantage of the Young Industries SwallowTail™ Container loader is that it can to fill the container to 97 – 99% of its total capacity. This means you will get 20 to 30% more product into the container with the SwallowTail™ container loader as compare to other methods. It is like having free shipping of your product for every fourth container you ship.


SeaLandPix1 150x150 Stationary Sea Land Container LoadersThe SwallowTail™ container loading system features and benefits are:

  • Fast turnaround with filling rates greater than 40,000 lbs per hour.
  • No dead spots fills 97 to 99% of the container
  • Maximum payload per container
  • Quick connection to container
  • No moving parts
  • Fill 20′, 30′ and 40′ lined sea-land containers

cadSys 150x150 Stationary Sea Land Container LoadersStationary SwallowTail™ Loader Dimensional Information

Click here to download a PDF copy of an assembly drawing Stationary SwallowTail™ Loaderr
Click here to download a PDF copy of a Stationary SwallowTail™ Loader Bulletin 267-202-0


stationary 130x150 Stationary Sea Land Container Loaders