Self-Aligning Flange Sets

331 201 300x234 Self Aligning Flange SetsAn Easier Way to Keep Your Product Pure

The Young Industries “Self-aligning flange set” is a precision machined and unique pipe coupling system. This design help you maintain high product quality by eliminating degradation of your product, by providing a positive seal against leakage, and is easily to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.
It is called a Self-Aligning Flange (SAF) set because the patented design consists of a piloted male stub end that mates with a close tolerance counter bore female stub end that eliminates eccentricity in the interior of the pipe line.
The design is complete with an O-ring seal that provides a positive seal against leakage. The interior has a smooth continuous internal surface for liquid or dry material handling. It helps reduce production down time and maintenance cost caused by the deterioration of the line when handling abrasive products.

Unique Joint Design Assures Long Leak Free Service

The “O” ring pressure-responsive gasket design has been the heart of the SAF system.
An O-ring is considered effective sealing solution for a number of reasons including
•    Capable of bi-directional sealing,
•    Capable of compensating for tolerance run out,
•    Reusable within limits
•    Resilient thus eliminating re-tighten of bolts
•    O-rings do not require any special installation tools or primers
•    O-rings project a small sealing footprint which enhances sealing properties.
•    The symmetry of the O-ring’s circular cross section allows for sealing in any direction (radially, axially, or angularly)
•    O-ring’s are made of a varied number of compounds that can resist almost all aggressive chemicals and environmental application.
•    Unique seal design eliminates any contamination of your product by the seal material.
•    The O-ring is full encased to prevent any exposure of the seal material to your product.
•    The piloted male stub end and the counter bore female stub end  surround, reinforce, and slightly  compresses the O-ring seal.
•    The design also eliminates the protrusion of the gasket into the pipe line to cause a leak or restrict material flow.
•    The “O” ring is always secured making it easy to disassemble and reassemble.

Self-Aligning Flange Sets Additional Information

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Self-Aligning Flange (SAF) Application Information

Engineers faced with building piping systems know a coupling must meet one or more of the following requirements:
•    Is easy to install, remove and reuse
•    Guarantees contact of the two pipe ends
•    Prevents pipe sections from moving apart
•    Keeps the pipe sections aligned
•    Guarantees electrical conductivity
•    Is airtight

Commercial couplings are available in several types and each fulfilling specific requirements. The Self-Aligning Flange coupling will meet all of the above requirements.
The SAF connector design is easy to install. It features a captured O-ring seal that is out of the product contact area and is air tight. The flange or clamp provides positive clamping action to resist flexural and torsional loads. It conforms to the support and hanging requirements. As the stub end flanges are drawn together by the clamp assembly, the O-ring seals without full compression when the stub end makes metal to metal contact.

Self-Aligning Flange Sets Standard Features

The Young Industries patented Self-Aligning Flange sets are offered in a large selection of standard sizes. It is available in 2″, 3″ 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ diameters in both tubing and pipe sizes. The sets are offered in carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. All the V-Retaining couplings are constructed with formed sections with the band made of 304 stainless steel where product contacts, with the bolt constructed of 431 stainless steel and with 347 stainless steel self-locking nut.
The standard Self-Aligning Flange sets of
1. Style LP – 15 PSIG working pressure low pressure with over center latch V-retainer.
2. Style MP – 50 PSIG working pressure medium pressures with T-handle V-retainer.’
3. Style HP – 150 PSIG working pressure with high pressure lap flanges, full penetration welds.
The Self-Aligning Flange sets can be furnished in several design variations. We offer technical services to assist you on special applications. Contact us for current pricing and delivery or in you have any questions.

The standard SAF uses an over-center latch style V-Retainer coupling to join the flange sets. The V-Retainer coupling exerts a uniform compressive force against the stub flanges. The over-center latch style reduces time when you need to removal sections of the piping system for clean-out or maintenance. The over-center handle does not require tools to open or close the coupling once you make initial adjustment. A nut provides adjustable tension. The self-energizing latch and retainer reduces accidental opening of the coupling.  Note: any internal pressure must be released before opening the coupling. Although the SAF couplings form a permanent pipe connection, it is easily disassembled system. Since each joint is a union, simply of pipe to be removed, an elbow to be replaced by a tee to extend a system, or a valve, strainer or other component to be installed later.  Fittings can be assembled loosely and rotated to line up with mating components before tightening. This simplifies working in tight spaces around existing piping structures, or equipment.

Self-Aligning Flange Sets Optional Features

The Self-Aligning Flange sets can be furnished in several design variations. Optional features and accessories for meeting your exact plant requirements and enhance your process performance.
The optional features and accessories are:
•    High pressure design
•    High temperature design to 1600°F
•    Special sizes and length
•    Special materials of construction including: 316 Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, engineered plastics
•    Interior coating to provide abrasive resistance or material release including: chrome plating, nickel plating, tungsten carbide, Stellite, Teflon
•    Interior and Exterior polishes and cleanup
•    Painted or coated per customers specification
We offer technical services to assist you on special applications. Contact us for current pricing and delivery or in you have any questions.

Self-Aligning Flange Set Download Product Literature

Click here to download a PDF copy of SAF Product Literature.