Aero-Mechanical and TMC Replacement Ropes

Increase Your Aero-mechanical Conveyor Uptime

With MAX-LIFE™ replacement ropes from Young Industries

Rope Room 100 150x139 Aero Mechanical and TMC Replacement RopesAs the main component of aeromechanical conveyors, rope assemblies are short-lived and prone to breakage and other problems. Now you can increase conveyor uptime and lower maintenance costs with Young Industries’ MAX-LIFE replacement rope assemblies.


Consistent manufacturing prevents premature failure

Young Industries’ unique heat-treating process strengthens rope ferrules, creating an effective and secure locking system for the conveyor disks and reducing rope stress.  The ferrules are extra wide to provide greater surface contact with the rope for stability and load distribution. This is important when handling many dry bulk materials.

Consistent fabrication procedures and rigorous inspection methods also contribute to longer rope assembly life. Young Industries has developed special fixtures and testing equipment  ensuring every rope assembly meets our exacting and well-documented quality control standards.

TMC Rope 100 Aero Mechanical and TMC Replacement Ropes

Unlike other rope assemblies, MAX-LIFE rope assemblies are manufactured to close tolerances in our state-of-the-art plant in Muncy, Pennsylvania. All materials are inspected to verify strength and dimensional tolerances meet exact engineering specifications. Inspections are performed before manufacturing begins in


order to spot potential problems before they affect cost and delivery schedule.

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Get accurateMaking Rope 100 136x150 Aero Mechanical and TMC Replacement Ropes answers to your aeromechanical rope applications by calling Young Industries at 570-546-3165 or emailing us at We’ll give you recommendations on extending the life of your rope assemblies or evaluate one of your used ropes and recommend changes in rope, disc or boss materials to increase conveyor up time.

Replacement ropes for all types of aeromechanical conveyors!Rope for Shipping 100 134x150 Aero Mechanical and TMC Replacement Ropes

Same day shipment for standard assemblies

Special materials of  construction available

Made in the USA

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