Volumetric & Gravimetric Feeders

The Best Weighing Accuracy of Fine Powders

Young Industries STINGER® feeder is a gravimetric loss-in-weight, gain-in-weight, or volumetric feed system designed for handling fine and cohesive powders. The STINGER® feeder solves common feeding problems that occur when handling these powders  including no flow, flooding, rat holing, limited discharge rate, and product separation.

Unlike other gravimetric feeders that use brute force to make fine materials flow, the STINGER® feeder uses energy efficient TransFlow® Technology. This technology conditions the powders with a layer of air making it easy for them to flow and eliminates the expensive maintenance cost of the high horsepower motorized drives.

The STINGER® feeder design was originally developed for handling Ti02 and other pigment powders

The Young Industries, Inc. has been designing compounding and batch weighing systems for over 50 years. In the past when we supplied these systems, we purchased feeders from other manufactures and incorporated them into our system design.  These feeders use vibration or flexible hoppers and motor drive agitation to force fine powders to flow. We experienced the same problems with these feeders that everyone has including frequently repairing flexible hoppers and replacing damaged screws due to overloading by the high horsepower motorized drives. Our development of TransFlow® Technology produced an improved manner to handle and control the feeding of fine powdered materials.

The STINGER® feeders are most appropriate for feeding cohesive, fine and ultra-fine particle materials

The majority of fine powders are difficult-to-handle materials that tend to pack, cake, smear, break apart, flush or bridge.  The STINGER® feeder accurately feeds titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, carbon black, pigments, clays and other difficult-to-handle materials.

TransFlow® Technology makes it easy for the material to flow

The unique feature of all STINGER® feeders is the use of TransFlow® aeration media technology. This technology is used in the weigh hopper and the feed tube components.  Transflow® is a porous 316 stainless steel construction media with an ultra smooth finished contact surface. This media produces an evenly distributed layer of air or gas that conditions the product above it. This layer of air and product makes it easy for the material to move and slide.

Two Feed Methods for exclusive application advantages

STINGER Feeder Feature Table2 1024x783 Volumetric & Gravimetric Feeders

STINGER® Feeder is available in two distinct feed method configurations as described below. In short, the difference between the two feed configurations are related to the feed method.

Model STS STINGER® feeder tube uses an auger to regulate materials. The speed of the feed is limited to the capacity of the screw.

Model ST STINGER® feeder tube feeds material without an auger so the feeder is not limited by the capacity of the auger. Feed rates of a Model ST feeder are generally much faster than that of a Model STS feeder. However with the high rate of feed, accuracy with a model ST Feeder is often less than that which can be achieved when using an auger to regulate flow.