Gravimetric Feeder Controls

Feeding Controls That Just Make Sense

The Young Industries Touchstone™ STINGER® Feeder Controller provides user friendly displays that allow operator to navigate easily without confusion

Feeding Controls That Just Make Sense 133x300 Gravimetric Feeder ControlsStandard Features Include:

  • Configurable, full color trend graphs
  • Rate Feed Running Trend Graphs
  • Rate Feed PID Loop Tuning Trend Variables
  • Standard hardware includes all the IO needed to handle most standard applications with power in reserve
  • Integrated configurable Alarms to alert the operator
  • Auto tolerance checking
  • Totalizer that keeps track of weight for all material
  • Networking Communication Options Include: Ethernet via TCP/IP, CANbus, Modbus
  • Utility Requirements: Universal Supply Power accepts 100-240V/50-60hz
  • Standard Outputs: 24 Volts
  • HMI Display Resolution : 800 x 600 with a 10.4 Viewing Area and 65,536 colors (16 Bit Resolution)

Remote Control & Viewing Options Include:

  • Send Email Alerts from PLC to specified email address(s)
  • “Remote Operator” feature allows HMI Screen to be mirrored to any PC with access set to “Read Only” or “Read/Write” Mode
  • Ability to view defined variables and status updates on remote PC via HTML Web Browser


Controller Screen Displays

True Rate History

ControlTouchScreen 150x150 Gravimetric Feeder ControlsWhen in rate feed mode, actual history screen provides true history of rate samples at 15, 30, and 60 seconds so you know exactly what rate your process is receiving at all times.





Rate Feed PID Tuning

Trend Graphing Screen 150x150 Gravimetric Feeder ControlsThree stage auto PID loop tuning provides quick accurate feeding, easy setup and gets your process running with minimal setup.





Trend Graphing of PID Output Values

Trend Grouping Screen 150x150 Gravimetric Feeder ControlsVisual trend graph shows health of Auto-PID loop tune to indicate whether your feeder is running at peak accuracy. This allows user the option to tweak PID Values to increase accuracy without the guess work.




Micro-SD Card Logging

Micro SD Card Screen 150x150 Gravimetric Feeder ControlsEvery YI Touchstone™ STINGER® feeder control system is equipped with a Micro-SD card capable of recording the last 30 days of continuous rate feed operation. The information is logged in one second intervals or the results of the last 1,500,000 batches.





Batch History Log

Easy Configuration Screen 150x150 Gravimetric Feeder ControlsWhen in batch feed mode, the batch history screen records the results of the last 200 batches so they can be viewed on screen at anytime.





Easy Configuration

Easy Configuration Screen 150x150 Gravimetric Feeder ControlsWell organized menus protected via password allows easy configuration and settings changes without the worry of unauthorized changes.





Remote Operator

Remote Operator Screen 150x150 Gravimetric Feeder ControlsEvery Yi Touchstone™ STINGER® Feeder control panel can be remote monitored or controlled using remote operator





Built in Help Menus

Buildin Help Screen 150x150 Gravimetric Feeder ControlsSetup screens include help buttons that provide answers to common questions relating to the current screen. This approach gives you fast answers when you need them.