About us

Young Industries is a worldwide supplier of Bulk Materials Handling Equipment that is safe, easy to operate, easy to install and easy to maintain.

Young Industries Application Engineers, Design Engineers, and Customer personnel are experienced in analyzing and providing solutions to customer problems in pneumatic conveying, feeding, mixing, blending, size reduction, and air pollution control.

Our goal is to supply products, services, and replacement parts that are safe and easy to operate, have superior performance characteristics, provide cost savings to our customers, and are available in all major industrial markets of the world.

Our corporate vision is to be a modern and efficient business organization, that is well capitalized, able to adapt quickly to emerging opportunities, solving demanding customer requirements through technical innovation and practical experience, operating profitably providing for reinvestment, creating an environment for employee initiative, and being operated by knowledgeable and committed business people. This capability includes complete engineering and test facilities, a modern manufacturing complex, erection and installation services, and worldwide sales engineering assistance.


Efficient and Safe High Output Engineering and Manufacturing

We have high output potential due to the following:

  • efficient organization,
  • advanced scheduling techniques,
  • the utilization of a state-of-the-art computer network and manufacturing equipment system,
  • having an experienced and well-trained staff,
  • and making prudent use of outside subcontractors.

Our vision is to be a business that provides continuous service and on-going cost benefits to its customers, while being an ethical and responsible community member that is environmentally conscious in its designs, use of materials, and manufacturing practices.


Supplying Bulk Materials Handling Equipment and Systems Since 1947

Since our inception in 1947, Young has been closely allied with the world’s major corporations. Our vision has been continuously positioned and adjusted to ensure our conformity to evolving customer requirements. Young recognizes our customer’s immediate needs to operate more efficiently and responsively to their markets. Young Industries will continue to position itself to serve its customers in the chemical, petrochemical and closely related industries with innovative, state-of-the-art, cost-saving methods of handling their products.

We envision a natural alignment between the high standards we set for our products and industry regulatory demands emerging now and in the future. Young is well postured to meet these challenges and to grow under these requirements.


Bulk Materials Handling Test Lab

Young Industries maintains a 9,000 sq. ft. research and test lab area, including a 600 sq. ft. conference and training area, in our Muncy, Pennsylvania plant. The lab is operated by a full-time staff that assists Young Industries Application Engineers, Design Engineers, and Customer personnel in analyzing and providing solutions to customer problems in pneumatic conveying, mixing, blending, size reduction, and air pollution control.

This facility is equipped with bench testing equipment that is used to evaluate customer’s materials, and to provide data to the engineers for use in designing the systems.

Young Industries test center has both dilute and dense phase pneumatic conveying test systems that are used to solve customer’s conveying problems and verify design information. The dilute phase system is powered by either negative or positive pressure by a 30 HP power unit with variable speed drive. The test lab has a computerized data acquisition and control system that is used to control and monitor the pneumatic conveying systems. The data acquisition system logs all the pressures and air volumes that are later used to evaluate the system’s performance.

In addition to the conventional systems, we modify existing test lab equipment or develop prototype equipment in our test center. The test center is complete with weighing equipment, feeding equipment, steam, compressed air, water, and electrical utilities. The test lab also has provisions for using nitrogen or inert gas as a conveying media.