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Frame Supported Systems

Each system starts with a structure for supporting the bulk bag during the unloading cycle. Our support frames are manufactured to handle bags up to 4000 lbs. For the safest operation our standard frames use a monorail and hoist for lifting and positioning of the bulk bag. Our standard frames are 6 ft. square with heights from 10 ft.  to 25 ft. tall. When floor space is limited, we manufacture frames 5 ft. square. For higher support structures or longer spans we custom design the frame as needed.

Our equipment is built to last a lifetime. 

Hoist Operated Support Frame

The safest and most efficient method to unload bulk bags is the unloading frame assembly complete with monorail and hoist. Young Industries Bulk Bag Unloading Frames are designed for safely handling bulk bags weighing up to 4000 lbs. Standard frame sizes are 5 ft. or 6 ft. square with special sizes as needed available. Normal frame heights vary from 12 ft. to 25 ft. for most applications. Our Frame assemblies are constructed of 4” square heavy wall tubing for excellent durability.

Dual System

Young Industries provides custom systems to suit the application. Systems using multiple frames can be provided with access platforms. Pneumatic or Mechanical Conveying Systems are used to convey products to multiple destinations. 

Support Pan

Our Bulk Bag Discharging Systems are normally supplied with support pans for the bag to rest on while the operator unites the bag. The operator safely accesses the bag spout under the pan through an access door. The pan can be provided with a vibrator and vibration isolation mounts for those powders that need assistance to flow.  

Customer Provided Hoist

When existing hoist systems are used, Young Industries structural support frames provide safety during the unloading operation. Access hoppers, Bag Massagers and many other features are available for these systems.

Bag Massagers

Bottom Paddle Massager

Side Disc Massager

Side Breaker Bar Massager

Young Industries offers several styles of Bag Massagers to promote flow from the bulk bag. The systems range from a single cylinder operated breaker bars to multiple bottom/side massaging paddles. We select the proper system for the powder being stored in the bag and the type of bulk bag being used. 

Dust Collection

Young Industries offers integral dust collection with our Bulk Bag Unloading Systems. Our dust collection systems utilize a Uni-Cage Continuous Cleaning Pulse Jet Filters. We offer side mounted Vertical Dust Collectors that return the captured dust back to the access hopper below the bulk bag. For confined areas we also offer Horizontal Filters Integral with the access hopper below the bulk bag. When utilizing our integral dust collection systems there is no loss of product to a central dust collector and the bulk bag discharging system is kept clean. 

Access Hoppers

We provide numerous sizes and types of hoppers for discharging bulk bags. Our Access hoppers offer a large hinged door for access to untie the bulk bag spout. An Iris valve can be supplied with the access hopper for flow control from the bulk bag. The capacity of the hopper below the door is dependent on the application requirements and height available for the unloading process. Many of our systems have storage capacity greater than the volume of the bulk bag so that discharging occurs quickly.

Young Industries also offers access hoppers designed for handling bulk bags, paper bags, and drums. This type of access hopper has an access door for untying the bulk bag and a second larger access opening for dumping paper bags or drums. This gives the user a great deal of flexibility when purchasing raw materials for their process additions.  

Bag Clamping Systems

For some systems, clamping the bag spout for a dust tight seal to the process below is preferred. Young Industries offers pneumatically operated clamping systems. We have several; different configurations for use with our bulk bag unloading systems.


  • 4000 Lb. load capacity
  • Support legs and bracing is 4” square heavy wall tubing with top frame constructed of heavy rectangular tubing to support the load
  •  Welding is per AWS D1.1
  • Epoxy painted for durability
  • Bulk Bag Lifting Brackets are load tested per OSHA 1926.251 & 1926.251 (a) (4)
  • Wide flange Trolley extended from frame for safe hoist operation
  • Electric or pneumatic chain hoists to lift and position the bulk bags from floor level
  • Support pan for bag to rest on while being untied for safety and dust control
  • Support pan can be supplied with pneumatic or electric vibrator and vibration isolation
  • Four different styles of bag massagers available for aiding the flow of powder from bulk bags
  • Bulk bag access hoppers with connection for central dust collection or with integral dust collection in the hopper.
  • Iris Valve to secure spout while bag is untied
  • Bulk Bag spout clamping systems to seal spout to down-stream equipment
  • Frame mounted dust collection ducted to the access hopper, so dust is not lost to central dust collection
  • Integral dust collection with provisions for dumping paper bags as well as bulk bags
  • Volumetric and gravimetric metering systems
  • Mechanical, Pneumatic, and Stinger conveying systems
  • Complete PLC control systems

Standard Drawings


Dual Bulk Bag Unloading System

Bulk Bag Discharge Spout Clamp Ring

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