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Our Advantage

With TransFlow® Powder Fluidization & Conditioning products, you will be able to increase your process production because:

  1. You will get reliable and effective material flow. TransFlow® is useful for difficult application like pigments and sticky materials
  2. You will get higher flow rates from your existing hoppers and silos
  3. You will reduce your maintenance cost with the long lasting, durable corrosion and oxidation resistant media. TransFlow® media is also temperature and abrasion resistant.
  4. You will reduce your maintenance cost because TransFlow® has no moving parts
  5. You will reduce your downtime because TransFlow® is easily cleaned.
  6. You will reduce your operation cost because TransFlow® uses less compressed air or gas than other aeration devices.

The SilentFlow Bin Discharger consists of a hopper cone with the interior fully lined with TransFlow® aeration media. This media uniformly distributes and controls low-pressure air or gas and fluidizes the stored powder product. The media top surface also produces an evenly distributed bed of air that significantly reduces the coefficient of friction between your bulk material and the cone surface.

TransFlow® Aeration Pads are used to fluidize fine powdered bulk materials to start and maintain flow out of hoppers, bins and silos. These pads distribute air or gas uniformly causing positive flow of the stored material. Materials that have sluggish flow characteristics like lime, flour, soda ash, bran, clay, carbon black, sawdust, detergents and resins can be successfully handled by TransFlow® Aeration Pads.

The grating is made using Young Industries patented TransFlow® technology. TransFlow® is a 316 stainless steel fluidization media. This technology meters low volume and low pressure compressed air to condition the powder, so it flows freely. This works well on fine and cohesive powders.

Young Industries offers the PowderFlow Butterfly Valve specifically designed for use in dry powder handling applications. The Patented valve utilizes a disc lined with TransFlow® fluidization media. The TransFlow® disc fluidizes and conditions even the most cohesive powders. 

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