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Young Industries has been supplying Aero-Mechanical Conveyors for powder handling applications since 1985. We have been constantly improving the design of the conveyor and our newest design addresses the needs of today’s powder handling applications. Young Industries Aero-Mechanical Conveyors and rope assemblies are proudly manufactured in Muncy, PA USA.

Standard Features

A Shaft mounted gearmotor is standard for efficient operation

Our conveyors have outboard mounted bearings for extended bearing life.

Double lip seal is standard with the option to purge the seal with compressed air

Our conveyor utilizes O-Ring tube seals for dust tight construction

The standard features of our conveyor make it an ideal choice for conveying most powders. When conveying combustible powders, the conveyor can be inert gas blanketed easily. Our patented Transflow Aero-Mechanical Conveyor is ideal for conveying fine cohesive powders, using our powder fluidization and conditioning technology.

What Is Aero-Mechanical?

The term “Aero-Mechanical” as the name implies, uses mechanical means to generate air flow. Young Industries Transvair Aero-Mechanical Conveyor has sprockets positioned at the inlet and discharge of the machine. A rope assembly with plastic discs equally spaced travel around the sprockets and two connecting tubes at a velocity of 700 ft. per minute. The velocity of the discs creates a moving column of atmospheric air. The powder being conveyed mixes with the air stream and is conveyed to the discharge where the powder discharges by centrifugal force into the receiving vessel. The major advantage to the Aero-Mechanical type system is that it can convey at any angle from horizontal through vertical with no loss of efficiency. The conveyor has high capacity and is self-cleaning with very little residual material left in the system after the convey cycle is completed.


The Transvair Aero-Mechanical Conveyor is available in several standard configurations. Each unit is engineered to consume minimal floor space. Length and configuration is unit specific and each conveyor is engineered to meet the service conditions of the application.

Model- SL

The Model SL is the simplest of units. It is a straight-line unit capable of conveying at any angle from horizontal through vertical with no loss of capacity or efficiency

Model -VH

The Model VH is a right-angle unit. The unit conveys vertically then by placing a sprocket on each tube makes a 90 degree turn to convey horizontally. The Model VH Runs at the same Aero-Mechanical Velocity. For those applications where floor space is a premium, the Model VH Conveyor has much to offer.

Model – HV

The Model HV is a right-angle unit. This unit conveys horizontally, then by positioning sprockets on each tube makes a 90-degree turn to convey vertically.

Model SL

Model VH

Model HV

Sizes And Capacities

Bulk Bag Unloading System With 3″ Model “VH” Conveyor

Young Industries Transvair Aero-Mechanical Conveyors are available in 3” and 4” diameter tube sizes.

    • 3” Conveyor has an estimated capacity of …. 500 cu. ft. per hour
    • 4” Conveyor has an estimated capacity of ….1000 cu. ft. per hour

For conveying fine powder, other mechanical conveyors are limited to the flowability of the product handled. Young Industries uses our Transflow fluidization and conditioning technology on these fine powders. We can condition powders to flow freely into the conveyor which results in high convey rates. With the Aero-Mechanical Concept, the more fluid the product the higher the convey capacities.


The Transvair Aero-Mechanical Conveyor can be supplied as a simple unit to convey material from ground level to a process vessel, or as part of a large system that requires high rate conveying. The Transvair Aero-Mechanical Conveyor’s compact design and high convey capacity make it a good choice for:

  • Bulk Bag Unloading Systems
  • Paper bag dumping systems
  • Batch loading of mixers or blenders
  • Loading rate feeders
  • Pressure containment/ high pressure units

Proudly made in the USA

Filter Bag Dump Station With 3″ Model “SL” Conveyor

Standard Drawings

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